Wednesday, December 19, 2012



as told by Klaus the kat

6:00am Tuesday, Dec. 19th

Good morning fans!  As Cora says, “It’s not morning ’till  I get my coffee.”  But look at me -- I’m up, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, blogging away before breakfast, or should I say, “blogfast”? And speaking of bushy tails, did you know that we, Persians have to get our hair brushed at least two to three times a week, or even once a day for the aristocatic ones.

Speaking of which, I heard Cora talking about the amazing butterfly exhibition she visited at the State Fair in October.  She said it was Creation at it’s finest -- these beautiful delicate creatures were flitting around, landing on people’s heads, hats, floral dresses, etc. Each person was given a Q tip to dip in butterfly nectar, and the idea was to gently put it between the butterfly√≠s feet. They could carry the butterfly around in this position, either until he escaped or until they placed him on a flower, by carefully twisting and tugging on the Q tip.

I once tried to get my paws on a butterfly, but he fluttered away so fast ... and I could tell by the look on Cora’s face, that if I ever captured a butterfly -- even an “I can’t believe it’s not butter-fly” -- I’d be in the dog-house for the rest of my life (or at least until Humphrey came and barked me out of there).

And in other end-of-Summer news -- I know it’s almost Christmas,  but here in the Desert South West, it’s still Summer in the afternoons.  Seriously, we Persian Blues are milking the sun for all it’s worth.
Oh, yes -- the news ... right ...
Is anyone listening out there?

So, did you know that Cora and her bigger and better half spent a week in California in September ( lucky dogs!)  where they had the privilege of sampling the beach, once again -- this time at Santa Monica.  BTW, did I ever mention that Cora is not only a chocaholic but also a major beachaholic?  But sadly her other half is not much of a salt-water person (to which I can relate, since here in cat culture, we avoid water like Bubonic plague.)  Anyway, this just happened to be the day the Space Shuttle, “Endeavour” was being flown from Washington to its final resting place in California.  Well at 11:45 am that day, the aircraft zipped right over Santa Monica beach.  And of course, it was a magnet, drawing photographer-hubby straight to the beach at lightening speed.  Hence the saying: “It took a space shuttle landing on the earth to get my husband to come to the beach.”  This, of course, will go down in history (the beach appearance, that is).  Cora said it was the best day of her Summer. You know, I seriously thought she’d say it was the day she came home to take care of her priceless Persian Blue.  I’m so naive ...  Honestly, sometimes I feel like a cat-astrophe.

Well, gotta go now.  It’s time for me to get decorated for Christmas -- sure hope they don’t put those red bows on my head like last year ...